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More About The Programme

Programme Overview
Our newly redesigned Retail Management Degree Programme (RMDP) is designed to give a clearly structured business education that provides a solid foundation for success in a retail career. The programme, which runs for just over 2 years, provides a strong grounding in fundamental business concepts, ideas and practices. Trainees are provided with a solid understanding of general business theory and practice. The programme is underpinned by the work-based training, allowing trainees to put into practice what they have learned in college.

Programme Structure
The RMDP consists of alternating blocks of approximately 16 weeks. Throughout the 2 years, trainees will complete 3 store-based blocks and 3 college-based blocks. While in college, trainees will work towards gaining a Level 7 QQI awarded Bachelor of Business in Retail Management, studying modules such as Leadership Development, Retail Supply Chain Management and Customer Relationship Management.
In store, trainees will begin their training as a Store Assistant, progress to Supervisor/Anchor level in block 2, before reaching the high performing Deputy Store Manager level by the end of the programme.

The programme is fully sponsored by Lidl, with college fees paid for! Throughout the duration of the programme, trainees will receive a salary, whether they
are in DBS or store.

Year 1 salary - €20,000
Year 2 salary - €22,000

Trainees are also entitled to Laya health care benefits, and many other benefits, as a Lidl employee.

College & Assessments
The academic side of the RMDP is delivered mainly through lectures and tutorials. Trainees must take responsibility for a significant amount of study outside of scheduled class contact times. Lecturers and tutorials will take place from Monday to Friday, between the hours of 9am and 6pm. Timetables will be design
ed and distributed to trainees detailing their class times, equating to 22 contact hours per week. Assessments take a variety of forms, including essays and reports, individual and group assignments/presentations, as well as formal examinations. As part of trainees final college block, they are also required to complete a research project in any area of retail.

In store, trainees are asked to work alongside the management team in identifying and improving an underperforming Key Performance Indicator (KPI). This is an excellent opportunity for trainees to put the skills they have gained from DBS into practice on the shop floor.

Academic Overview
DBS Block 1:   

Fundamentals of Retail Business & Marketing
Financial & Economic Aspects of Retail Management
IT Operations
Principles of First Line Management
Leadership Development
Work Based Learning & Personal Development Workshops

DBS Block 2:

Talent Management
Retail Supply Chain Management
The International Retail Environment
Contemporary Retail Management Practices
Retail Consumer Behaviour
Retail Law
Work Based Learning & Personal Development Workshops

DBS Block 3:

Retail Project
Customer Relationship Management
Retail Management Simulation
Business Intelligence for Retail
Research Methods
Work Based Learning & Personal Development Workshops